Jungle Products

Organic Raw Coconut Oil

7 ounce bottle $10.00  3 bottles for $25.00. 

Organic Raw Coconut Oil

3 ounce bottle $6.00 each 3 bottles for $15.00.

Ylang Ylang Infused Coconut Oil Massage Oil

$12.00 3 bottles for $30.00.

Jungle Lip Balm 15 ml. (Bees Wax, Raw Coconut Oil and Raw Honey)

$6.00 each 3 pots for $15.00.

Raw Honey Africanized Bees

8 ounce bottle $8.00 each 3 for $20.00.

Mariola Honey

1 ounce bottle raw filtered honey $25.00 (Requires refrigeration for long term storage.).

Tamaga Honey 

1 ounce bottle $10.00 (Requires refrigeration for long term storage.). This honey may ferment if left out!


Not available at this time!

Cat Bees Honey

1 ounce bottle $10.00.


Not available at this time!

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