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                               All tours are by appointment at least one day in advance!
                                                  Let's Have Some Fun!

A brief introduction to what we might see during our initial trek and we're off to walk the trails! We'll be seeing butterflies and many other insects and their relatives in their natural habitat.


We'll relax a bit at the Jungle Butterfly Farm Rancho and share native honeys from stingless bees and others of our jungle products! All samples and tastings are included in the admission price. 

All of our products are available for purchase in the Jungle Butterfly Farm Boutique Store. If you don't remember which honey was your favorite you might have to try them all again!


Whenever time permits we visit the "bat tree" which is home to our amazing long nose bats that perform some excellent insect control for us!

Typically by then we've easily used up our allotment of time but be advised many tours have run over!

                                        Tour Prices

Adults 13 years of age and above are $30.00 per person.

Children between the ages of 12 and 6 are $15.00 each.

Children under the age of 6 are free!

Footwear: Should not be flip flops! Strap on sandals, tennis or walking shoes and hiking shoes are fine!


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